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Welcome to our Online Treat & Food Store
for Bunnies and Small Furry Pets!
We are currently UPDATING & ADDING Items in this website, and lowering prices too!  For the Latest, FULL Selection of Items available with lower pricing, please visit "Sweetdreamfarm.webs.com"  it's our bunny website but the page " Buy Healthy Go Bunny Foods" has ALL our items for sale!  You will love it!!  That site is NOT hooked into Pay Pal yet, so Please EMAIL me your order with the Total amount due, your address with zip code, and we will figure out the fastest, cheapest way to ship your yummy, healthy order to you.
thanks!!  sweetdream@optonline.net
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Go Bunny Treats & Healthy Small Pet Treats & Foods
 were created by a seasoned, ethical bunny breeder and lifetime lover and rescuer of All animals.  
During these trying times with COVID-19, we don't always have the access, the availability, or the variety of products our pets need.  Too much of 1 kind or the wrong varieties of fruits and vegetables can cause diarrhea or other problems. 
Our healthy products are available Year Round, and are Shelf Stable. 
                                       We SHIP all over the USA.

We wanted really high quality, deletable products with wholesome nutrition for our bunnies & small furry pets, and knew other loving owners must feel the same way too!  So we began our devoted long journey of years of research and development, taste testing, & partnering with the best Organic companies.  We finally formulated unique, diverse proprietary blends of delicious Bunny and Small Furry Animal Treats and Super Food Toppers that are designed to nourish, and enhance the health and wellbeing of your sweet pet. The PRODUCE Isles in our Grocery Stores carry - well - produce for PEOPLE! Plus the basic carrot and a meager green or two. Our family run company working with amazing Certified Organic companies, has painstakingly selected a wonderful array of Healthy, Safe, Dehydrated, Human-Grade, Non-GMO, Edible Flowers, Greens, Herbs, Plants, Fruits, Vegetables and Roots that CANNOT be found in stores. 

All our products are Dehydrated so therefore are "Concentrated" foods and "Light as Air".  That's why you give so little, a sprinkle, a teaspoon, a tablespoon, to your pet each day.   Just 1 teaspoon of our products equals 4 teaspoons or MORE of its hydrated counterpart!  Did you know that "6 Pounds" of Organic carrots dehydrated equal only 13.7 ounces!  And "4 Pounds of Organic Red Sweet Bell Peppers dehydrated equals just 3.5 ounces!   You are getting A LOT of product in each of our resealable Pouches!! 

We all want our small pets to eat the Very Best, they Deserve it!  They give us So Much Love & Comfort!  Now they can, Year Round !  All our products are heat Sealed in beautiful, high quality, Resealable Zip Pouches with a silica pack added for a long shelf life of over a year. 
We decided from the beginning to go the extra mile by using "Organic" products,  the best of the best for your beloved pet!   Why Organic foods for small furry pets??  Think about it, they have a small, delicate digestive system.  Why would we want to pump pesticides, chemicals, sugars, dyes, preservatives and lower quality foods into a small animal, day after day from commercial foods, or from a poor selection of foods from the grocery store?  As loving pet owners, we want the BEST for them in everything - especially the foods we give them!  We want them to live a long life and be healthy, eating Nutritious Foods!  They count on US for their protection, love, clean housing and Food.  Our Super Food Blends are made especially for Bunnies & other small furry pets - not People, not other animals.  Each item is marked to show which small pets can eat our products.  ALL our products are Safe for All Bunnies, for All Stages of their life.
We've studied the healthful benefits of Each of our ingredients, and carefully added them to our products to enhance the well-being of your pet.  Even "safe looking foods" can be harmful.  Spinach and Kale are examples.  They have high oxalate and goitrogen levels which can cause urinary and kidney problems over time, bloat and gas.  We do NOT use these items and others like caulifower, chard and broccoli because of the stress it can puts on the delicate intestinal system of rabbits and other small pets with bloating, gas and potential diarrhea. 

No sugars, dyes, chemicals, or pesticides are ever used in our products!!  
Our line of products cannot be found in chain stores, so please order online here and support a family owned business!
Some people may think if they like a snack, its OK for my pet too.  Hey, even some store bought "bunny treats" are not healthy for bunnies!  Many things we eat are poisionous to bunnies and other pets.  So Please don't share human snacks with them. Our bunny and small pet super foods & treats are made Just for them!

All Products are Made in the USA!    We accept Pay Pal on this site.  

If you don't currently have a Pay Pal account please email me at sweetdream@optonline.net
If you have a question, feel free to email us as well.  

                             Some of our Most Popular Products are listed below.  
                                     Have Fun Shopping and Enjoy the Diversity!!
  • NU-START BABY Bunny Food
    NU-START BABY Bunny Food
  • Magical Tropical Papaya Chunky Cookie MIX
    Magical Tropical Papaya Chunky Cookie MIX
  • Magic Pumpkin & Apple Chunky Cookie MIX
    Magic Pumpkin & Apple Chunky Cookie MIX
  • Zen Calming Blend
    Zen Calming Blend
  • Fruit & Flower Fiesta
    Fruit & Flower Fiesta
  • TOTAL Wellness
    TOTAL Wellness
  • Digestive Wool Block Aide
    Digestive Wool Block Aide
  • Premium Flower Bouquet Mix
    Premium Flower Bouquet Mix

Our bunnies are super happy with our products - I am sure your sweet bunny & furry small pet will agree too!

Some VERY Happy Customers!

What does Human-Grade Ingredients mean?  It means the ingredients are made & safe for people to eat.  It is the HIGEST quality product that does Not contain dirt, sticks, rocks or other debris that lower, animal grade ingredients may have.  All our ingredients are Human-Grade, highest quality that your pet deserves!!

There is often a question as to why organic food tends to be more expensive than non-organic food? Organic foods are processed in a different and more regulated way than non-organic foods. This causes the production cost to be higher. Also, organic farmers do not receive federal subsidies like conventional farmers. Therefore, the higher cost of organic products represents a more true cost of growing.  Most organic products are grown in much smaller areas than conventional products. This smaller amount of land produces less overall organic products in comparison to standard huge farms. Thus, the smaller supply of organic products also contributes to the higher price.  There is so much "junk food" for small pets on the commercial market - we wanted a Premium Line of Products with Superior Ingredients for YOUR beloved pet.

TRUE  Premium, GOURMENT DELIGHTS - Your Bunny will think they are Amazing "Treats" - but they are SUPER FOODS  - the best Nutrition for your furry pet.

Many "Commercial Companies" use SUGARS, HONEY, or other sweetners to entice a bunny or other small pet to eat it.  But sweeteners are HARMFUL to rabbits & other pets!  Yuk!  Many Commercial animal treats say their product can be fed to "ALL" types of animals - Rabbits, Hamsters, Gerbils, Rats and Chinchillas, Ferrets...That is NOT TRUE - 1 size does NOT fit all.  Each BREED of animal has DIFFERENT Nutritional requirements, and can only eat certain products. Buyer Beware - read the label on commercial brands!  An example - rabbits cannot eat  the seeds, nuts, rice, molasses, etc. that are listed on many "Multi-animal" treats.  We studied what was on the market, and did a lot of reseach on their list of ingredients.  We were so dissapointed with the products, their quality, chemicals, sugars, incorrect ingredients, artificial colored and flavored ingredients, etc. 

That's Why we started our company - to give you Healthy, Organic, Breed Specific Options to feed your adorable pet!

For Information about purchasing American Netherland Dwarf Baby Bunnies - the SMALLEST Breed of jusr 1/2 - under 3 pounds, go to: 


We are proud members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA),

 the American Netherland Dwarf Club and the AFLRC and MANY Bunny Facebook Groups.

Disclaimer: We are not responsible for anyone overfeeding treats  or foods to your pet. 

Always Introduce ANY new food to your pet slowly and in very small quantities - just a small sprinkle to start. then slowly increase.   They have delicate digestive systems.  Do Not Overfeed your pet treats.  They are not meant as a Replacement for a balanced diet.

If your bunny or small furry pet seems sick (diarrhea, stops eating, not moving, etc.) - go to your vet immediately.  Never give treats to a sick animal.

These products are Not intended for the diagnosis or treatment of any illness or disease.