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We are Passionate about the Wellbeing of all Bunny Rabbits.  Our Blogs are to help Bunny Owners make informed decisions for their bunny.

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Why Organic Foods are Important For Bunny Rabbits?

Posted on March 26, 2019 at 10:05 AM Comments comments (5)

Why Organic Foods for Bunnies you ask? What's the big deal? I don't eat all organic food and I'm fine? Bunnies have VERY delicate digestive systems, and tiny ones at that. Why pump in chemicals, dyes, preservatives, and pesticides into a small animal day after day? It just didn't make sense to us. If we had the option of someone preparing our meals for us daily, wouldn't you want the tastiest and healthiest? We thought so. Healthier Organic ingredients, a Wide Variety of Delicious Fruits, Greens, Flowers, Herbs and Plants that bunnies Love to eat is our mission statement.


We have Organic ingredients that you will Never find in stores, some you might never have heard of! - why - because they were carefully researched and purchased from some of the finest and expensive Organic herbaries, farms, and Organic companies around the country, focusing on what was correct to feed bunny rabbits. So our blends are Super Foods for bunnies - don't let our name fool you - Go Bunny Treats - they are Super Healthy Foods that your bunny wll enjoy as a treat - because they are so delectible. That is our goal - A wide variety of Scrumptious Foods you bunny will love to eat, and you will be proud to feed your bunny, knowing it's getting the Best of the Best. Hey - our sweet pets deserve it!

Bunnies should eat Food Just for Bunnies, not for Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Chinchillas, Ferrets, etc!

Posted on March 26, 2019 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (0)

We own bunnies and love them dearly.  Each one has a unique sweet personality and we wanted to give them a health "treat" but saw that store bought treats had added Unhealthy Sugars (of all kinds!), preservatives, dyes and honestly the Wrong ingredients for Rabbits.  I was shocked to see that some packages in pet stores and supermarkets had "bunny treats" that were also "good" for Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Chinchillas, Ferrets, Rats, you name it!  That is incorrect.  Each species of animal has a different dietary requirement.  Bunnies have a  very delicate digestive system and don't eat small seeds like hamsters and guinea pigs.  Chinchillas don't eat small seeds and they actually get caught between their teeth.  Just like we don't eat reptile food, rabbits should only eat foods that their digestive system can handle easily and are nutritious for them!  That's why we started our company Go Bunny Treats.  But we decided from the beginning to go the extra mile.  Not only did we do years of research on WHAT types of  Foods were great for Bunnies - but we did a ton more research to find them Organically grown!