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Where to Buy Health Bunny Rabbit Food & Treats?

Posted on January 30, 2020 at 12:05 AM

Go Bunny Treats were created by a seasoned, ethical bunny breeder and lifetime lover and rescuer of all animals. We have devoted countless years to create unique, propriatery, delicious blends of Bunny Treats and Super Food Toppers that enhance the health and wellbeing of your sweet pet.

The produce isles in our Grocery Stores carry - well - carry products for PEOPLE! Plus the basic carrot and a green or two. Our family run company works with amazing Certified Organic companies to aquire a Vast Array of Dried Edible Flowers, Herbs, and Plants, Fruits, Vegetables and Roots that CANNOT be found in stores.


Each product is carefully blended to produce a Very well Balanced, Nutritious, Delectible, and Diverse Variety of ingredients for your beloved bunny to enjoy. We all want our bunnies to eat the very best, now they can, Year Round with our freshly dehydrated products in resealable high grade pouches.


We decided from the beginning to go the extra mile by using "Organic" products, the best of the best for your beloved bunny! Why Organic foods for Bunnies?? Think about it, they are a small animal, with a small, delicate digestive system. Why would we want to pump pesticides, chemicals, sugars, dyes, preservatives and lower quality food into a small animal day after day from commercial foods, or from a very limited variety of foods from the grocery store? As loving bunny owners, we want the BEST for them in everything - especially the foods we give them! We want them to live a long time and be healthy eating Nutritious Foods! They count on us for their protection, love, clean housing and Food. Our Super Food Blends are made especially for Bunnies - not People, not other animals.


Some people may think if they like a snack, its OK for my pet too. Hey, even some store bought "bunny treats" are not healthy for bunnies! Many things we eat are poisionous to bunnies. So please don't share human snacks with them. Our bunny super foods and treats are made Just for bunny rabbits - all breeds.


We've studied the healthful benefits of Each of our ingredients, and carefully added them to our products to enhance the health of a rabbit. Even "safe looking foods" can be harmful. Spinach and Kale are examples. They have high oxalate and goitrogen levels which can cause urinary and kidney problems over time, bloat and gas. We do not use these items and others like caulifower, chard and broccoli because of the stress it can puts on the delicate intestinal system of rabbits with bloating, gas and potential diarrhea.


We have specifically selected Dozens of Safe, Organic Greens, Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs and Plants Just for Bunny Rabbits from Certified Organic companies. Our blends are designed to nourish and enhance the health of your sweet bunny.


No sugars, dyes, chemicals, pesticides, or preservatives are ever used!! Our line of products cannot be found in chain stores, so please order online here and support a family owned business!

All Products are Made in the USA!

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