Go Bunny Treats
Organic, Premier Super Foods

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Store - Super Foods for Sale

Welcome to our store!


We provide Premier Rabbit Food and


Treats to Bunny owners and Breeders


that are looking for the Ultimate in


Supreme Quality and Ingredient Variety.

Buy a few to have on hand!

Great as Gifts too!

You cannot find our Organic Ingredients in pet stores or super markets. With our varied Premium Blends of Organic, Dehydrated ingredients, you bunny will never be bored!  Plus, you will never have to try and figure out what to feed your bunny.

Dehydrated foods are concentrated foods. 1 teaspoon of our products equals 4 teaspoons of it's regular, hydrated counterpart. So you are getting a lot of product per pouch!

Shake or Hand Mix pouch before removing contents to reblend.

More varieties coming! Check back with us regularly!!

These make great Gifts. Buy several different ones to have on hand.

Your Bunny Deserves the Best Foods & Treats Available!!

Everything is On SALE NOW -

For A Limited Time!

(The Large Sized Pouches are Very Economically Priced!)