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Welcome to our Healthy, Yummy Store!


Time to Stock-Up on Shelf Stable, Healthy, Delicious, Small Pet Foods & Yummy Treats! 

Show your Love to your Bunny or Small Furry Friend with Great Foods!

Hi, dedicated bunny owner.  We are currently UPDATING & ADDING Items in this website, and lowering prices too! For the Latest, FULL Selection of Items available with lower pricing, please visit "Sweetdreamfarm.webs.com" it's our bunny website but the page " Bunny Foods" has ALL our items for sale! You will love it!! That site is NOT hooked into Pay Pal yet, so Please EMAIL us your order with the Total amount due, your address with zip code, and we will figure out the fastest, cheapest way to ship your yummy, healthy order to you.

thanks!! sweetdream@optonline.net

Free Gift with Each Order!

We offer Hand-Crafted, Gold Standard, Premium Super Foods & Treats for Small Pet Owners & Breeders who are looking for the Very Best in Quality, and Safe Diversity of Delicious Organic, Healthy Foods & Treats for their small furry friends.

Buy a bunch to have on hand!


Great as Holiday Gifts too!

Our Products are NOT made from the same ingredients as Green Bunny Pellets.  That would just make your pet Fat & Unhealthy! 

Our product lines consist of Natural, Organic, Super Healthy, "Bunny Safe" Dehydrated  and Freeze Dried Herbs, Flowers, Leaves, Plants, Roots, Fruits, and Vegetables that are NOT available in any pet stores or super markets.

No more pet food boredom!  With our varied Premium  products, your pet & you will have fun exploring all the Safe foods to eat!  Plus, you will never have to try and figure out what to feed your pet.  It's all here.

Dehydrated foods are concentrated foods. 1 teaspoon of our products equals 4 + teaspoons of it's regular, hydrated counterpart. So you are getting a lot of product per pouch!

Shake or Hand Mix pouch before removing contents to reblend.  More varieties coming! Check back with us regularly!! 

Bunnies Love Diversity, Buy several

different types to have on hand.

You & Your Loving Pet Deserves the Best Foods & Treats Available!!

Everything is On SALE NOW -

For A Limited Time!


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