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Fruit & Flower Fiesta Food Topper - Pet Pouch

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Pet Pouch - If you own 1-2 Bunnies this size pouch is for you! A RAINBOW of Delicious, Exclusive, Premium Grade, Fruits, Flowers, Plants and Herbs were specifically chosen to add a wonderful, healthy & fun Variety to your Bunny's diet. It will tantalize your bunny's taste buds! Your bunny will never be bored again! This blend also contains dried Papaya and Pineapple which helps prevent digestive furballs known as wool block.

Ingredients: Orgainc Dried Papaya, Dried Pineapple, Dried, Pear, Dried Apple, Roses, Hibiscus Flowers, Calendula Flowers, Chamomile Flowers, Yarrow Flowers, Lavender, Yarrow Flowers, Rose Hips, Elder Flowers, Olive Leaves, Linden Flowers, Dandelions, Raspberry Leaves, Strawberry Leaves, Echinacea Flowers.

Feed 3 times a Week. Start by sprinkling a little in a seperate dish, build up slowly. They will first sniff it and love the smell. Soon they will be nibbling away. Once they are used to it, you can add it to their green pellet food if you like, or keep it in a seperate small dish.

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