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Digestive Aide & Wool Block Blend - LARGE ECONOMY POUCH

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Keep this Food Topper on Hand!

This proprietary blend of "23" Amazing Bunny Gentle ingredients is formulated to help Keep your Bunny's healthy digestive system normalized and healthy. If your bunny has an upset stomach, or gas take away it's pellets for a few day, give it loads of quality hay, water, and this product. Start with 1 teaspoon daily and slowly build up to 2 teaspoons. Start by Sprinkling a little in a seperate dish. They will first sniff it and look at it. They never had anything like this before. Soon they will be nibbling away. Once they are used to it, you can add it to their green pellet food if you like, or keep it in a seperate small dish.

Can be given 3 x a week.

This blend also contains dried Papaya AND Pineapple which helps prevent digestive furballs known as wool block. All the ingredients are coated in powdered dehydrated pumpkin PULP powder, which naturally settles a bunny's delicate digestive system. We only use Pumpkin Pulp Powder. Not pumpkin powder that is made from entire ground pumpkins - rind, stems, etc. The Pulp, or meat of the pumpkin has the most benefit to the bunny's digestive system - we purchase Expensive, Premium ingredients for your bunny to enjoy in each bite. This is not for treating true diarrhea. If your bunny has diarrhea contact your vet immediately.

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