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We've gone the extra mile to produce an Organic, Wholistic, Premier Super Food Blend with 23 exceptional Ingredients that work in harmony with each other! Delicious Herbs, Plants and Fruits were specifically chosen to enhance the Total health of your bunny. Nutrition Your Bunny can't get from pellets alone. A real Power House Super Food Blend! Give 1 teaspoon a day and slowly build up to 2 teaspoons over the course of 2 weeks per bunny, more for large breed bunnies. Start by Sprinkling a little in a seperate dish. They will first sniff it and look at it. They never had anything like this before. Soon they will be nibbling away. Once they are used to it, you can add it to their green pellet food if you like, or keep it in a seperate small dish.  Sealed for Freshness in a Beautiful Resealable Pouch.

Among its other healthful benefits, this blend also contains dried Papaya which helps prevent digestive furballs known as wool block.

Can be given 3 x a week.

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