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Magical Tropical Papaya Chunky Cookie MIX

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Magical Tropical Papaya Chunky Cookie MIX: 

Do something Special for your bunny AND create a Fun and Easy Family Activity - Bake Healthy Cookies for your bunny!

Follow the easy directions on the label by just adding water, mix, form balls and bake!

This Yummy, Healthy & Delicious cookie will be gobbled up by your bunny! This MIX makes about 20 small, yummy cookies. Hand feed 1-2 cookies a day.

Great incentive for training your bunny to do tricks!

Contains helpful Papaya to prevent Wool Block!

Ingredients: Dried Papaya Chunks, Pumpkin Pulp Powder, Beet Juice Powder, Plantain, Banana Powder, Oats.

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