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Hay - 4 Pounds Premium Second Cut Orchard Grass Hay - For ALL HAY LOVING PETS

$39.95 $55.00

Second Cut Compressed Orchard Grass Hay - 4 Pound Box.

This is NOT stalky, Tasteless Timothy Hay you buy at pet stores.

This is Fresh off the Farm, Second Cut, Sweet, High Protein Grass Hay that Bunnies and all Hay Loving Pets LOVE! Hay is one of the most important elements for a Healthy Digestion in Rabbits. Give them the BEST, so they will Want to eat the proper amount. Clients have told us, their bunnies will not eat timothy, but Love this hay. Free Feed Hay Daily - as much as they want.  This Hay is Compressed so it  takes up less space and is easier to handle.

There is a $12.50 shipping charge for this product due to size & weight of box, OK?

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