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Dried Pumpkin Powder - for Diarrhea - Keep Handy!

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Many rabbit websites, Rabbit Clubs, Breeders, Vets recommend giving a teaspoon or more of Raw Canned Pumpkin, when Poop becomes soft, or your pet has Diarrhea. Cutting out rabbit pellets and giving hay also for a few days is needed as well.  This Product helps sooth the digestive system and makes the stool firm again, it is a MUST if you own a bunny. (also used for Dogs & Cats!) The only problem is, you use so little of the canned pumpkin and throw out the rest! The Solution: Purchase Dried Pumpkin Powder, put a teasoon in a bowl and slowly add a small amounts of water to make a thick paste and give it to your bunny! The powder has an extremely long shelf life and there is no waste! It is also economical since you will be using the exact amount you need - no more throwing out a store bought can of raw pumpkin! You get 5 teaspoons which will make several doses.  We put our quality dried pumpkin in our "Digestive Aide and Wool Block Mix" as well!

If your bunny is lethargic, stops eating and diarrhea hasn't stopped call your vet immediately.

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