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YOU BAKE IT - Training Treat - Strawberry Fields Cookie Mix

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Strawberry Fields - You Bake IT Cookie MIX:


  Do something Special for your bunny AND Create a Social, Fun and Easy Family Activity together! - Bake "Healthy, Yummy" Cookies for your bunny!

  Follow the easy directions on the label by JUST ADDING WATER, mix, form balls and bake!

  Our bunnies do tricks for these treats!

  This MIX makes 12+ yummy bunny sized cookies. Bursting with flavor, vitamins, minerals, fiber & antioxidants!

  Buy a few flavors, bake & freeze - then you can rotate the flavors during the week for a great social and training experiences! Cookies Freeze great for months, refrigerate for 2 -3 weeks (your bunny will eat them well before then for sure!)

  Never any Flours, Corn, Pellets, Oils, Chemicals, Fillers added. A one of a kind super flavorful training/love treat. Bun-Buns LOVE them!!

Shown with dehydrated strawberries, sold seperately on this site for your bunny.

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