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Bedding - Kiln Dried Premium Pine Shavings

$25.00 $60.00

Clean, Premium Pine Savings  Bedding




No Chemicals Added






Kiln Dried Premium Pine Shavings is great for absorbing urine & catching rabbit raisins (poop), used with your wire floored, "Pull Out Pan Tray cages", and makes it a whole lot easier to clean your cage. The shavings do Not have a heavy odor. Do NOT use Cedar shavings for animals,

If you do not have a pull out pan tray under your wire floor and have a plastic bottom cage, do not use this product as it will get tangled in the fur.  Your best bet is to purchase, at a pet store or online, the much more expensive "Paper bedding" .  This will not harm the bunny's fur.

Our Compressed Cube. 3.2 cubic feet, approx. 30 pounds! just $ 25.


(Other shavings cost Over $1.50 per pound!)

This Item is very heavy to ship - so it is just for Curbside Pick-ups. If you are picking up your order from us, there are no shipping charges, email us if you want to do this OK?

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